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Urban Homestead
Chicken Processing

Self Sufficiency

Whether you are looking to improve your skills to expand your homestead or just want know more about your food, we have designed our chicken processing experience with one thing in mind.  Gaining a more intimate relationship with your food.

Our industrialized food system has completely disconnected us from knowing our food and knowing it intimately.  This is your opportunity to change that through hands on processing in a safe and chaperoned environment.  Our desire is for you to have an emotionally stable experience from dispatch to bagging and freezing of your food.  

Maximum class size is 8.  Price per person is $100.  Each person will receive uninterrupted and personal attention through processing of 1 bird.  We are committed to helping you have the most positive experience during your visit.

All are encouraged to purchase whole processed chickens after the class.

Urban Homestead Chicken Processing: Services
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