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Raised Bed

Grow your Own

Are you ready to start providing for your family directly from you own property?  

Many times there is a precipice that causes us to embrace a more self sufficient lifestyle.  Personal health, health of a loved one, new family member, aging family member.  Whatever stage of life you are in we want to help you become more self sufficient. 

Our raised bed gardens are build from high quality materials right on your own land.  We will observe and advise for the placement of your beds, build them and prepare them for planting.

If you would like some extra help with selecting a crops to grow for you family we can help you with that too.  We desire you have success with your raised beds and can help at every stage of the process.  We even offer weekly maintenance programs to help ensure you are your crops are reaching their full potential.  (Weekly site visits are l restricted by travel time)

Contact us for pricing and availability.  Pricing will vary based on lumber and availability.

Raised Bed Gardening: Services
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